Anti-Gravity Hill

Anti Gravity Hill Location

Anti-Gravity Hill in Woodend is one of our best kept secrets and most unusual and baffling places,.

Standing near the bottom of a hill facing up hill, if you tip water onto the road it flows ‘up’ the hill not downhill as gravity would normally do.

Place a ball on the road and the same thing happens, it rolls up hill. If you are in a car, stop at the bottom of the hill, place the drive in neutral and it will slowly roll UP the hill.

Another writer describes it as.. magnetic pull | it’s a steep hill and cars appear to roll up the hill. If you run, it feels like you’re running downhill when you’re running up.


This video shows how her car rolls ‘up’ Anti-Gravity Hill.

How to get here

Anti-gravity hill is located along Straws Lane, Woodend, not far from Hanging Rock.

  • Google Map Link: Please note the pointer is not accurate and does not show the true location.

Woodend is roughly a one hour drive from Melbourne (77klm) up the Calder Highway.

Anti-Gravity Hill is not sign-posted or marked in any way.

Please do not seek assistance from locals as it is a local secret not a tourist attraction.

One of life’s little mysteries.

Good luck!