Centennial Park

Centennial Park is located on Mount Macedon Road at the intersection with Honour Avenue and is the Southern Gateway to Macedon and Mt. Macedon.

The Information bay and Touring Map is a focal point for information to the area. The park consists of large grassed recreational areas which showcase the Memorial, Stone Sculptures and Mosaic Statues representing the History of the district. There is also a Rotunda with BBQ facilities and public toilets which includes disabled access.

Centennial Park was opened in 1934 by Mr. R.G. Menzies, MLA. (the late Sir Robert), with the commemorative plaque being donated by Lord Baillieu. In 1933 the local Progress Association supported by the ladies from the Mt. Macedon Country Women’s Association (the first Victorian branch), commenced work to transform a rubbish filled swamp into a public park.

Many fine trees were planted including the circle of Populus Nigra Var. ‘Italica’ (Lombardy Poplar) and a unique specimen of Quercus Robur ’Fastigiata’ (Fastigiate English Oak).
The Park was named Centennial Park as part of the celebrations marking the Centenary of Victoria – 1934.

The standing Stones represent four dominant peaks of the Macedon Ranges. Their placement reflects how the peaks rest in the landscape. The holes carved through, cast the eye in their direction and give the stones some human spirit in remembrance of the loss in the Fires. The circle in the stones, encompassed by the greater circle of the trees, is the life cycle re-birth from the ashes.

The memorial known as the ‘MACEDON RANGES MEMORIAL GATEWAY’ was erected in memory of those that died in the ‘Ash Wednesday’ bushfires, on 16th February 1983, and was dedicated to the seven residents who lost their lives in the tragedy of loss of life and amenities from those fires. A total of 427 homes were lost in the fires, and a community, though shattered, immediately set about restoring the beauty and grandeur of the area. Volunteers from all over the nation and overseas came to assist. Countless hours and dollars were spent by the total community in its restoration. The Macedon Ranges Gateway is the community legacy to all those people and their efforts.

The memorial was opened on February 1998 by Jock Langslow.

Centennial Park History Memorial Centennial Park Mosaic Statues represent the Culture and Environment of Macedon Ranges Centenial Park Stone Sculptures represent the Four Peaks of Macedon Ranges and the Spirit of Life after Ash Wednesday Bushfires